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Cropping an image in the WordPress Media dialog

Some themes and plugins used by WordPress require specific sizes to work properly.
The act of cutting an image to fit a specific spot is called cropping. It can be done using a program on your computer or it can be done using built in WordPress functions. Many people have some trouble getting WordPress to properly crop an image.

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Using Chromium Developer tools window to customize your website CSS

Editing websites can be done in many ways. There are expensive tools to edit your site that you can purchase or you can go the free route. Your exact question is “How do I tell” what my line height in my post. So, here is how you tell what it is. You can even use […]

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How to add a contact page with Contact Form 7 plugin.

I need a page that has a contact form. To achieve this simple task I normally just use a plugin. Usually that plugin is Contact Form 7. This is such a simple thing to set up. Find the plugin and install it Navigate to your Admin Dashboard and find Plugins->Add New link in the main […]

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How to Migrate changes from one theme to another

So all those great customizations were lost when you migrated to a new theme on your WordPress website. Your customization panel is all blank fields. 🙁 Face it. Some of them you may have to replace or copy to another customization field.  Themes don’t just have a one to one correspondence. Distinct customization fields are […]

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Backup your WordPress site

Sometimes accidents happen. When you are servicing your website you want to make sure that you can undo those problems in a flash. I hope that by reading this you will be able to undo accidental changes to your site. This has the added benefit of having the ability to roll back changes to your […]

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