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How to add a contact page with Contact Form 7 plugin.

I need a page that has a contact form. To achieve this simple task I normally just use a plugin. Usually that plugin is Contact Form 7.

This is such a simple thing to set up.

Find the plugin and install it

Navigate to your Admin Dashboard and find Plugins->Add New link in the main menu. Type “Contact Form 7” in the Search bar. Install and activate the plugin.

Setup your contact form in the Contact admin page

Go to the new menu item that will appear after installing the Contact Form 7 plugin and reloading the page. Click on Contact->Add New.

You will find a pre-filled¬† contact form that you can save and use as is. You need only enter a title. There are many fields you can add here with just the click of a button. You aren’t limited to the given fields here either. You can add images, text and html elements.

Make sure that you have entered the information on the Mail tab correctly.  Click the save button.

There are also many ways to change the messages that are used by changing them in the “Messages” tab.

After your form is saved you can copy the shortcode to any page or post and also to some widgets. It will automatically make a form that should work as you would expect it to. You can find the shortcode to copy in the “Contact->Contact Forms” menu.

In some cases you will experience problems with mail not sending from your site. This is a specialized issue that you may need to seek assistance for. There is a plugin called “Check Email” which will tell you if your email is sending or not.

You can find help with email sending issues and more by leaving a message on the contact page.


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